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Outside General Counsel Services

Zaher Fallahi, Attorney At Law and Certified Public Accountant (CPA), is a Law and CPA firm with emphasis on US tax, tax controversy, un-disclosed offshore accounts, international tax, foreign gifts, out-side general counsel services, and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations. We are licensed in California and Washington D. C., and represent tax and OFAC clients throughout the United States and overseas. Depending on the case, telephone appointments are available for long-distance clients.

Harvard Law School

Zaher Fallahi, IRS Defense Tax Attorney, CPA, has completed “Negotiation and Leadership” and “Leveraging the Power of Emotions as You Negotiate” Certificate Programs at Harvard Law School.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Zaher Fallahi, Cryptocurrency Tax Attorney, CPA, has completed “Blockchain Technologies” Certificate Program at MIT. Blockchain is the underlying technology for Cryptocurrency.

Integrity coupled with substantial business experience of the out-side general counsel is germane to providing competent legal advice in various challenges facing a business, including compliance with the law. Zaher Fallahi has advised our clients as their de facto legal counsel as needed basis for many years. These may include responding to regulatory and government inquiries, pursuing a particular business opportunity, negotiating a contract, hiring an employee and joining in a partnership with another firm, inter alia. With adherence to highest integrity and honesty, coupled with extensive experience in various industries, we can advise your business in the following areas:

(1) Advise on daily general law;

(2) Advise on daily business law;

(3) Advise on industry, state and federal regulatory affairs;

(4) Advise on tax law;

(5) Analysis of tolerable risk management;

(6) Manage Board of Directors’ meetings;

(7) Manage other business meetings;

(8) Advise on business, corporate, LLC and other  state law compliance;

(9) Negotiate administrative matters;

(10) Negotiate contract formation;

(11) Negotiate contract disputes;

(12) Negotiate business agreements;

(13) Negotiate business disputes;

(14) Negotiate employment agreements;

(15) Negotiate employment disputes;

(16) Negotiate settlement agreements;

(17) Assist in-house counsel in transactional and trial matters;

(18) Draft and review partnership and other joint venture agreements;

(19) Assist in crisis management; and,

(20) Other Out-Side General Counsel functions.

Zaher Fallahi has been rated 10 out of 10 by Avvo;  Rated 10 of 10 .

Zaher Fallahi has been named a top tax attorney; TOP Tax Attorney

About 1.8% of the US lawyers are also CPAs, and we are proudly one of them.

Zaher Fallahi has been a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) since 1983 http://www.zfcpa.com/

Office locations

10866 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400, Los Angeles, CA 90024, Tel: (310) 719-1040 and

650 Town Center Drive, Suite 880, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (Orange County South Coast Plaza Office) Tel: (714) 546-4272  E-mail taxattorney@zfcpa.com