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Zaher Fallahi Los Angeles

Zaher Fallahi, Attorney At Law, CPA, is a California boutique tax law firm with emphasis in tax, business, estate planning, and Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) regarding Iran.

Our clients come from many states and over thirty different countries.

Prior to establishing the firm, Zaher Fallahi, the founder and principal of the firm, worked in private industry, prominent professional firms and in a major government agency.

Zaher Fallahi certificate of recognition

He has closely associated with other tax, business and estate planning lawyers since 1992. Zaher Fallahi, Attorney At Law, has been rated 10 out of 10 by Avvo Rated 10 out of 10

Zaher Fallahi, defends taxpayers before the IRS, local tax authorities (FTB, EDD, BOE), and the US Tax Court, with respect to:

We advise the winning parties of lawsuits regarding taxability of their settlements/awards under the Internal Revenue Code Section 104.  We also advise the losing parties of lawsuits regarding tax deductibility of the judgments and legal fees.

Zaher Fallahi, renders estate planning services, the chief objectives of which are:

  1. a potentially costly probate could be avoided
  2. the decedent’s property is distributed according to her or his wishes
  3. the estate taxes, and perhaps the income taxes, may be minimized
  4. the guardians for the minor children and incapacitated beneficiaries are identified and designated
  5. the decedent’s wishes during vegetative state are carried out.

We provide a full range of legal and tax services suitable to small to medium-sized and closely held businesses from various industries.

Over the years, we have developed significant hands-on experience in advising and assisting businesses with formation and operation of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other legal entities.

We assist clients with their corporate legal maintenance, responding to inquiries by government authorities and regulators.  We understand the needs of these entities and work with them in achieving their business, management, tax, estate planning objectives.

Zaher Fallahi is an OFAC Attorney and advices Iranian-American OFAC clients regarding the legal and tax implications of the US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Regulations with respect to Iran; The Iranian Transactions and Sanctions Regulations (ITSR).

2015 TOP Tax Attorneys

Zaher Fallahi, has been named an Orange County TOP Tax Attorney. Click here TOP Tax Attorney

Zaher Fallahi is also a California CPA firm and practices as a tax CPA Zaher Fallahi, CPA

David W. Klasing Esq. M. S. – Tax CPA
David W. Klasing Esq. M. S. -Tax CPA

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