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SEC Crypto Announcements

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Crypto Announcements

According to the following report, Cryptocurrency ICOs are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

This Report reiterates these fundamental principles of the U.S. federal securities laws and describes their applicability to a new paradigmvirtual organizations or capital raising entities that use distributed ledger or blockchain technology to facilitate capital raising and/or investment and the related offer and sale of securities. The automation of certain functions through this technology, ‘smart contracts,’ or computer code, does not remove conduct from the purview of the U.S. federal securities laws.

11-29-2018    Two Celebrities Charged With Unlawfully Touting Coin Offerings

11-16-2018     Two ICO Issuers Settle and Agree to Register Tokens as Securities

11-08-2018    SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder

10-11-2018    SEC warns of fraudulent Crypto Initial Coin Offering

05-16-2018   SEC has an opportunity you won’t want to miss: Act Now

More to come……………….

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