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Many taxpayers may be able to file their state tax return using IRS Free File

Posted by: Zaher Fallahi
Posted On: Feb 16, 2023

Issue Number: Tax Tip 2023-20

Many taxpayers know about the IRS Free File program, which lets people who make less than $73,000 file their federal tax return for free. They should also be sure to check if the program offers no cost filing for their state tax return. IRS Free File can help millions of eligible taxpayers in more than 20 states file both a free federal and free state tax return.

The states included in the IRS Free File program are:

• Arkansas
• Arizona
• District of Columbia
• Georgia
• Idaho
• Indiana
• Iowa
• Kentucky
• Massachusetts
• Michigan
• Minnesota
• Missouri
• Mississippi • Montana
• New York
• North Carolina
• North Dakota
• Oregon
• Rhode Island
• South Carolina
• Vermont
• Virginia
• West Virginia

Here are a few things to know about filing state tax returns through Free File:

Some states have their own free filing options for state returns. Taxpayers can visit their home state’s department of revenue website for details.

More information:
IRS issues guidance on state tax payments to help taxpayers

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